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Pi Day Rebuttal: Let Them Eat Cake!

FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: I am not here to impugn the idea behind popularizing mathematical concepts through any means possible. Nor am I here to suggest the concept of Pi itself is not worth study and exaltation. Certainly I am not here to cast aspersions upon the glorious existence of pie. As the full moon loves the night sky, as the grizzled mariner loves the sea, as Garfield loves lasagna, so I too love pie.

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Pi Day Post-Mortem

Another Pi Day has come and gone, and this one was a little extra special because it was the once-in-a-century date when, at 1:59:26 AM and PM the date was 3.1415926. People celebrated by baking and eating pi pies, posting pictures on Facebook of pi pies, and generally being gleefully punny. On Pi Day people often celebrate the world's favorite irrational number but, and I think this is a missed opportunity, we rarely talk about it past its significance as a homophone for a delicious dessert. I aim to rectify that here and now, so ready yourself for a big heaping slice of pi!

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Man of Random Science: Isaac Newton Was Weird

Isaac Newton is, quite justifiably, one of the most famous scientists in history. He was a scientist before scientists were even scientists, back when they were called “natural philosophers” and you pretty much had to be a rich white male to even think about joining their ranks. Back before regular experimental protocols had been developed. The Enlightenment was a turbulent time for our understanding of the universe, and Newton was one of the people sitting right in the center of it.

And Isaac Newton was really kind of weird.

But let’s start with the science.

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All About That Numerical Base

Happy anniversary, everyone!

What, you’re not sure what I’m talking about? How could you all forget? I’m so insulted. Yesterday was the second anniversary of the December 21st, 2012, the day the world was supposed to end according to a number of nutjobs, crackpots, and professional film-flam artists. Congratulations on surviving another year past fake doomsday!

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Constant Science: Philae Phoibles

311,000,000 miles from home the Philae lander is gently slumbering. After an…interesting landing scientists have gleaned as much data from the craft as possible before it’s primary battery ran down. So what happened and what does this mean for Philae’s eventual fate? Join Aaron as he celebrates getting his hands on a webcam made in the current millennium by bringing you up to date on the Rosetta mission.

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Math: Not Even Once

While enjoying Daring Don’s video on statistics (watch it here) I was reminded how many people, myself included, feel deficient in their understanding of math or science. This week I wanted to share one of my favorite science-themed authors in what will be the first of many book reviews highlighting those science communicators who can break down the knowledge for those of us who are still striving to learn the nuts and bolts of the scientific endeavor. 

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