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Home to the finest science shows this side of the Big Bang performed by the two best science guys in this (or any other) universe. Have science, will travel.


Wherever you are, if you're throwing an event with a science or technology focus, you need an Explosions, Inc. show to make things complete. We'll travel just about anywhere there's a stage and your audience will never forget the experience.

We are ready to  bring awesome science to you, whether that means mobilizing one of our Science Shows for your event or one of our Science Seminars for your organization. Prices depend on the exact nature of your inquiry and once we have your details we can send you a quote. We'll also need a way to get there and a place to stay while we're there. Please supply us with the following details and we will get back to you within a week to begin the formal booking process. For a major event we usually require booking inquiries at least four weeks prior to your expected date to allow time for travel arrangements and other considerations.

Local Shows

If you live in western Oregon or in Indiana and you'd like an Explosions, Inc. show of your own, Aaron and Don are proud to be able to offer smaller-scale local shows. For more information, please visit our Local Shows page.

For general contacts, please email us at booking@explosionsinc.com. Our team of dedicated Business Gorillas will respond to your inquiry with all due haste. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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