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Don of the Dead, an Explosions, Inc. Production

Last week we presented you with an awesome music video. This week we're taking things a step further. We're premiering a short film. It's called "Don of the Dead" and it is awesome.

The film is a riveting look at one man's struggle, alone during the zombie apocalypse. Aaron has lost everyone he's ever loved, and also Don. He's almost out of ammo and the zombies are close on his heels.

There are many deep questions that science aims to answer. What are dark matter and dark energy? What happened in the first few nanoseconds after the big bang? What's the most efficient way to kill zombies when you're out of bullets?

In "Don of the Dead" we won't touch those first two with a 10-parsec pole but we do hope to provide an answer to the third one using some good old-fashioned physics and a whole bunch of hand-to-hand weapons.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the first film from Explosions, Inc.

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