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Home to the finest science shows this side of the Big Bang performed by the two best science guys in this (or any other) universe. Have science, will travel.


We at Explosions, Inc. love nothing more than hopping up on stage and teaching science the best way we know how. We are, however, sadly aware that we can't be everywhere at once. But that doesn't mean that our methods and practices can't. We have almost 20 years combined experience making informal science awesome for audiences in four different states. Separately we have each been performing on stage, bringing our unique energy and charisma to music and theater, since the late 1990s. Together we built a science outreach program from scratch for Mobius Science Center in Spokane, Washington. Over two years we turned a start-up science center with a low public profile and a small audience into the go-to option for science outreach across the entire Inland Northwest.

We do this because we love it, because we love science and we are highly skilled at bringing out that love in others, even if they didn't know they had it in them. We want to put those skills in your service, to help your program and your staff be the best they can. We envision a world where everyone doing informal science provides and extraordinary experience to those with whom they work and we aim to help it along with our unique blend of scientific knowledge, enthusiasm, and performance.

We'll come to you, supplies in tow, and throw one of our most excellent Science Seminars for your organization to help your educators, facilitators, and interpreters reach their highest potential. For more information or to book a consultation, check out our Booking Info page.

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